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It is my hearts desire to create a safe place for people who are seeking a real and meaningful relationship with Christ Jesus. Many of us have grown up in 'religious systems' that dictated how we were to relate to our Savior. Many of us were left with more questions then answers! Many of us were left with more fear then faith! Many of us were ignored and cast out when we did not measure up! Many of us have been so disillusioned by the 'church system' or 'ministry machine' that we lost sight of who we are in Christ. This blog is a meeting place for those who are trying to return to their first love, Jesus Christ!! Welcome to a fellowship that will speak to the issues through the lens of the Word of God. My journey has been long but I see the absolute relevance of every experience that I encountered!! The battle is for our minds and we need each other to navigate this journey home!! Welcome!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Binding up the Wounds

My observations regarding those who realize that they have been feeding on false doctrine have left me sad at times.  I recently had an experience with an ex-word of faith preacher who realized that he had been chewed up and spit out by the typical prosperity pimps who were playing him and teaching him how to con others.  He presents himself with much anger and doubt as to Who Jesus Christ is!  It is a serious crisis of faith that we encounter when we realize that we have been decieved, lied to, and manipultated into believing something that is untrue!  One feels like a fool and can really go into a tailspin and as a result reject Christ and anything or anyone who represents Him.  That is the fruit of these spiritually deceptive church systems that function only to elevate their agenda using Christ's name as a smokescreen!  They leave behind broken lives, broken hearts, and broken families.  I can only imagine the pain God feels when He observes that the watchman left their post to pursue their own interest, while still playing the role of a watchman.  I have been speaking to many who have been caught in the web of deception and many of us are beginning to talk to each other.  We have all heard many of the same admonitions, who are we to judge the man of God, and God alone will correct them.  There is so much misplaced loyalty going on that I am amazed that God doesn't strike us down right there, with all of the pastor worship and groupie activity going on.  I believe that people lose themselves in these toxic and abusive church family systems.  What is worse is many broken people are finding themselves in ministries to heal....a last ditch effort to be free only to find themselves being used up and pushed out when the important questions are asked!!  So what happens to those people?  Where do they go?  The world systems failed to meet their needs and now the church system is adding insult to injury.  You listen to some of these angry and narcissistic preachers wailing their threats from the pulpit regarding the tithe.  You watch them flanked by bodyguards who are ready to put you in a choke hold if you try to talk to the pastor!  I do not remember any account of where Jesus had body guards.  It seems to me that He walked closely with those that He ministered to.  I am hopeful that that we can recover and we can allow the mind of Christ to truly be formed in us.  I believe that the knots can be untied and I believe it is time for a real revival.  A revival of the heart...where we are honest about the problem and extend a hand one to another to heal the wounds that bind us.  Just some thoughts for today.  Much love anne

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  1. Agree with you entirely. Have had the same experience with deceptive, manipulative false prophets, etc.