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It is my hearts desire to create a safe place for people who are seeking a real and meaningful relationship with Christ Jesus. Many of us have grown up in 'religious systems' that dictated how we were to relate to our Savior. Many of us were left with more questions then answers! Many of us were left with more fear then faith! Many of us were ignored and cast out when we did not measure up! Many of us have been so disillusioned by the 'church system' or 'ministry machine' that we lost sight of who we are in Christ. This blog is a meeting place for those who are trying to return to their first love, Jesus Christ!! Welcome to a fellowship that will speak to the issues through the lens of the Word of God. My journey has been long but I see the absolute relevance of every experience that I encountered!! The battle is for our minds and we need each other to navigate this journey home!! Welcome!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The One World Religion & The New World Order is forming - NWO BibleOrTra...


  1. The One World Government is being ushered in with the full cooperation of the Apostate Catholic church. This false church is drawing many who claim that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, into themselves. All false and apostate doctrine is being recreated in many denominations and so called "non" denominational sects. The idea that one can buy a blessing through tithing/seed gifting is the same old lie that the Catholic church taught, however it was called 'selling indulges'. The idea that we need "apostles/prophets" to hear from God on our behalf is nothing new and is just like the pope considering himself/his office as being infallible in matters of faith/doctrine. Mankind does not need a priest/pastor/prophet/CEO to stand in the gap between a saved son and his God. Jesus Christ is our Priest/prophet/King and he is the only One in charge of us as believers!! This blog will present examples of how the same old lies perpetrated by this ecclesistical nightmare has been birthed in modern day movements. False and apostate movements such as the Manifest Sons of God, Word of Faith cult, emergent church/seeker friendly church, New Apostolic Reformation will be highlighted. These movements have crept in to the true body of Christ and it is imperative that you discern and flee from these false doctrines. You will note that all of these heresies flow easily with one another and they all converged in the belief that human kind is their own god or equal with God. In looking at the truth keep in mind WHO Jesus Christ is and that He warned us that many will come in His name. We can have faith and confidence that He is with us and He is returning to judge all of us. Do not be near anything that is apostate. His death and substitution on the cross in payment for our sins is being perverted and misrepresented by some who are to be teaching the truth. God bless you on your journey and know that Jesus in you is greater then the devil in the world!!

  2. You are absolutely right when you state that ALL of these heresies flow easily with one another and that they do all converge in the one single belief that human kind is their own god or equal to. Is it any wonder why the masses flock to them, when they are offering them the power and ability to be like God?? No wonder we see so few coming out of this deception. The lust and pride of life is so appealing and strong that they give no heed to that little check in their spirit, or that small little voice that says "no, this isn't right". Amen going to share this!!

  3. HI. Just an FYI - The font you are posting with is very hard to read. The letters and words bleed together. :(